The Publishing World According to it’s Practitioners

Today’s session was two talks from publishing professionals. One from Egmont and the other a UCLan MA Publishing graduate now working as an editor at Voyager, an imprint of Harper Collins specialising in sci-fi and fantasy. The lesson I took from this is the nature of publishing in terms of how departments talk to one another. There is a constant balancing act to be dealt with between those in production driving down costs, those in design finding new and innovative ideas and those in sales looking for hooks in the books so that they can sell well.

Publishing seems to be an industry where people can play. It is a shame that most adults grow out of playing like children because it allows for significant innovation and for ideas to germinate or crossbreed with one another. I welcome this. There are few things I enjoy more than playing around with ideas. My challenge in life is implementation. I imagine I test highly for openness and not so highly for conscientiousness, which is fine, we can’t all be all things to all people. It does remind me that teamwork is important, however. Creatives and doers need one another. Ideas are worthless unless realised effectively so the ability to work with those radically different from oneself was today’s great lesson.


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