The Shape of Things to Come: Interior Design Part II

This week continued the theme of interior layout design whilst also introducing typesetting, a whole other side of this module about which I feel a great deal more confident than cover design, more than likely because of a greater focus on words than just pictures and layout alone. This was a much more holistic or ‘whole book’ experience for me and it was also one which I found much more comfortable and achievable than graphic design alone. For me and my ambitions to start my own press the approach of this session was a lot more closely connected with how I envision my work to unfold in future. When I think of my work and the skills required I think of a project born as an idea, carried out as a labour love, birthed like my own child and marketed and sold as though my life depended on it. Having had the great privilege of working on previous meta-projects with UCLan Publishing I derived an immense thrill from this approach, being able to see Debbie hatch a plan that began as nothing more than a concept, to go abroad (as was often the case) and to see all of the team players do their part to bring together a thrilling and fulfilling project execution.

In that sense, to see all of the elements of a book as in the text, images and layout all before me to be pieced together like a puzzle is exactly what I came here to experience and learn about. I feel that this session over any other has given me some preparation for being a publisher, rather than a cog in the clockwork of the publishing industry. I am the sort of person who thinks ahead and often needs to view everything from 30000 feet before I can conceive of how to proceed and make a success of my publishing career.


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