Covering Covers II

This week was a continuation of last week as we learned more about setting up a grid, inserting text and images and suchlike. This repetition is important as much of the mastery of InDesign comes down to doing things over and over again, eventually with things such as mouse actions and keyboard shortcuts eventually sticking in the mind. Simple things such as the design parameters for hardback versus paperback are things that are committed to memory in this way.

InDesign is definitely one of the most challenging aspects of publishing to master. I find formatting text and choosing text-based layouts to be pretty simple, however the introduction of images, shapes and objects makes for a much more challenging design task, not only for its technical aspects but also for its aesthetic challenges. Good design requires an eye for the beautiful and whether or not this can be taught or learned I am not entirely sure, but applying skills that allow concepts to be realised is hard but rewarding work.


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