A Design for Life

This week ushered in the design and production element of the course. The most important thing I discovered is that a book designer does not do the illustrations. This is an immense relief as I had designs (pun intended) on this as a career choice, however I am a hopeless artist. Thankfully a graphic designer pieces the elements together to make a beautiful book. At this I excel and was an ambition I held at school. I discovered that things like font choices can make a huge difference to the feel of a book, and that for someone with a creative temperament this element of publishing is a dream come blue. I would be able to play with things for a living! I learned that design is judgment inasmuch as there is no correct answer to a brief, it is a matter of taste and preference, again meaning that many ideas may be kicked around to arrive at a solution. This is heaven for me. Ideas are things to play with.

I also enjoyed the in-class activity which was to come up with a new design for a book cover. My book was Marley & Me, a memoir about the world’s worst dog. Applying creative thought to this allowed me to come up with with what I thought was a better cover, and that is important to me because I have always had my greatest success professionally when I have been inspired to do a better job of what I think has historically been done very badly, or at least in a mediocre fashion.


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